Brief & Inspiration.

Clearview Tutors are a private tuition company based in London, passionate about helping to tutor and educate young individuals. With several tuition centres, the company tasked me with designing a logo that was both professional and fun in it's appearance and a logo mark that oozes the company's vision.

The approach with the creative direction for this logo was to capture the essence of teaching and learning as well as incorporating within the design an aspect that focuses on the company ethos and slogan of 'See your potential'.

The birth of this logo design was fused with the two ideas of teaching and seeing a future. This final logo was achieved through developing the marks of a fountain pen and a lighthouse to represent a 'clear' path to steer the students in the right direction. Alongside the logo design I was also tasked to create and design the relevant branding material.

Logo Mark.

Logo Mark Variations.

Logo Colour Variations.