Brief & Inspiration.

Skinny Tacos is locally owned restaurant based in California, USA. Making fresh, homemade and healthy Tacos to sit in and eat or take on the go.

Working alongside the owner, I was tasked with a brief to design a simple logo that reflects the healthy side of 'Skinny' Tacos. As well as designing the menu and packaging where the logo mark flows through and correlates through all products. The approach I took was to have a strong focus on the typography of this project. Creating a custom typeface with elongated letters to highlight  and to draw a strong attention to the low fat, healthy aspect of the Tacos.

The logo mark I designed for this project was a simple taco icon. This simple icon was placed on the top left side of the logo and coloured with a bright yellow hue to capture the essence of the strong Californian sun.

A series of repeated icons was also designed, which was coordinated through the packaging, uniform, menu and branding material designed by myself.

Icon & Typography treatment.