Brief & Inspiration.

I was approached by a London business and Chocolatier who creates fresh, natural and healthy chocolate for Michelin star restaurants and hotels as well as royalty, supplying for her majesty The Queens Tea Party and stocking in Selfridges all over the UK.

They wanted something simple, elegant and modern yet showing a sign of its roots. The final design was based around the visual of a crown to represent the royal and rich chocolate but formed together using the historic cacao pods as a simple yet striking mark.

Logo Mark.

Packaging Design.

Alongside re-designing 'The Chocolatiers' logo, I was briefed to create a packaging design for the range of chocolate ganache truffles, as well as packaging for the chocolate bars and drinking chocolate range. An element myself and the client visioned was a luxury & elegant damask style pattern.

The pattern was inspired by the roots and base of how these particular chocolates are made. The Theobroma Cacao flower as well as the Cacao pod was a heavy influence on the final packaging pattern. The side profile of the Theobroma Cacao flower formed the basis of the final damask style design which was then repeated and layered to bring together the elegant and luxury brand of Chocolatier.

Pattern Design Development.

Packaging Pattern Mark.